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Forthcoming events - Vanakkamasam, One day Trip, BBQ and Sports Day

Vanakkamasam Prayers:

May is the month of Mother Mary and is celebrated with special reverence among Kerala Catholics. 
As part of the tradition at KCAM, we will be celebrating the month of May, by conducting our usual 'Vanakkamasam' payers at membership families for the first 30 days, followed by 'Samapanam' on 31st may 2014.  The prayer starts at 6pm and will be fnished by 7pm. You will receive daily text to remind you of the prayers and address of the house.  I also encourage you all to attend the prayers and to take this opportunity to conduct payers at your homes. If interested, please contact our Spiritual Coordinator Mr. Jose George ( 07533087332) or any executive committee members.   

One day Trip:

KCAM delighted to announce our first family trip for the year which is planned for 24th May 2014. We are going to Southport beach and other sightseeing around Southport. If interested, please book your places as early as possible as seats are limited and will be offered to first come first served basis. Please contact Tour Coordinators Mr Siby Mathew (0775419046) or Thomas Joseph (07939856708) or any executive committee members.  

BBQ and Sports Day:
'BBQ and Sports day' for the year which is on 28th June 2014. As usual, it is at Platt Field Park, Rushlome, manchester. Over the last three years, it has been a great success. So don't miss this popular event ...Please contact Tomi Joseph (Coordinator, Outdoor activities & BBQ) on 07533240497/ 01614986525 or Baiju Mathew (Sports Coordiantor) on 07747016125 / 01616379812 or any executive members  to confirm your attendance.