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KCAM X-Mas celebration (28/12/2013)

It's time of the year again!!! it's Christmas !!!

We are coming together again to celebrate the festive season by organizing our family get together !!!

Our Christmas programme is on 28th December 2013 at St. Martins Church Hall,Beaguly, Wythenshawe, M23 1LX. The programme starts at 2pm with the Holy Mass, celebrated by Our Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Dr. Mathew Choorapoyil with other priests from and around Manchester, followed by cultural programmes by our family members and Christmas Dinner. The Executive Committee invite you all to this wonderful celebration of families!!! Please make every efforts to attend and be on time!

We will be conducting a Christmas tree and crib competition for our members. If you would like to participate in the competition please contact the executive committee on or before 20th December 2013. The judging panel will be visiting your houses on the week starting on 23rd December 2013.

We will be selecting our new executive committee for the next two years in our Christmas celebrations! Please note as per our bylaw, there will be no election and new executive committee will be selected from our eligible membership families. If any of the members are interested in taking some responsibility to guide our association, please feel free to contact our executive committee members who will be happy to consider your interest!

Please note that this is our association and we should be taking responsibilities to guide it forward !  So we encourage you all our members to come forward to take responsibilities!