Our Vision and Mission.

who we are

Kerala Catholic Association of Manchester is a not for profit organization of vibrant catholic families residing in Manchester and surrounding areas.It is formed and supported by a group of St. Thomas Christians, originally from Kerala, India and now settled in the city of Manchester.

our vision

cruceiro Inspired by the Christian faith and values, Kerala Catholic Association of Manchester (KCAM) visualises a locally integrated vibrant Catholic Community in Manchester, founded on Values, Beliefs, Teachings and Traditions of Kerala Catholic Church, whilst integrating with Local Church, Community, their Culture and Traditions.

our mission

kcam Kerala Catholic Association of Manchester’s (KCAM) mission is to create a platform to foster mutual beneficial relationship among Kerala Catholic Families across Manchester and with the local Catholic Church and Community to integrate, bring unity and enrich their spiritual and social life by: organizing programmes and activities, promoting active participation and involvement of members in programmes, initiating activities to support philanthropic causes, working closely with local Catholic Church, Institutions, Community, serve as an advocate for the Community, identifying and addressing issues of concern especially with regards to cultural integration and keeping the identity of Kerala Catholic Community.

our objectives

Kerala Catholic Association of Manchester (KCAM) is a non-profit oriented association, and shall work with its members and the local community to achieve the following objectives:

kcam To foster mutual relationship among Kerala Catholic families across Manchester to bring unity, encourage cooperation, and provide with a platform to socialise, and practice customs and traditions related to our faith and community.

kcam To enrich the spiritual and social life of members by organizing programmes and activities and by working closely with local Catholic Church, Institutions and Community.

kcam To encourage members to integrate and participate in local culture, traditions and religious practices, whilst upholding our own culture and traditions.

kcam To impart knowledge on Kerala Catholic Values, Traditions, Beliefs, Practices and Teachings to upcoming generation of our community.

kcam To identify and undertake activities to support philanthropic causes.