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'Vanakkamasam Samaapanam' (വണക്കമാസം സമാപനം )

'Vanakkamasam' is proving to be a great success in terms of encouraging Marian devotion as well as building relationship among our membership families. To commemorate the 'Samapanam', we are organising a service at St. John's School on 31st May 2013, starting at 5.30pm. 

The service includes Holy Rosary, Vanakkamasam prayers and a message. The programme concludes with a shared table. The executive committee encourage all members to attend the service with your family to receive special blessings from Mother Mary. Also if anyone would like to contribute towards the shared Table, pleas let the executive committee know. 

On this occasion we also bid farewell to Mr. Joy Kuriakose and family who are migrating to Australia. Joy Chettan, Beena Chechy, Ben Tom and Angel were very active in the association and took part in every activities with enthusiasm and commitment, that were second to none. KCAM wish them all the best in their future and request all members to remember them in your prayers.